Mr. Game and Watch Edit (Originally by Nodog)

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Mr. Game and Watch Edit (Originally by Nodog)

This is my second Mr. Game and Watch edit, the first one was from Gif Mr. T's version, but now I made a version which is an edit of Nodog's Mr. Game and Watch.

I actually released this quite a while ago, but I decided to post this here if someone wants to download it.

This edit adds more comboing, move changes, and an Octopus move.









a: Bug Spray
b: Torch
x: Flag
y: Deep Sea

a: Bell Smack
b: Chair
x: Manhole
y: Hammer Time

a: Fish Bowl
b: Cement Block
x: Spitball Sparky
y: Key


D, DB, B, x/y: Judge (Mr. Game & Watch pulls out a hammer and whacks opponents with it. The number above his head can vary from 1-9, and all have different results.)
 1: Almost no damage. No knockback. Recoil damage happens to Mr. Game & Watch.
 2: Low amount of damage. Very low knockback.
 3: Decent amount of damage. Sends opponents flying backwards.
 4: Good damage and a decent amount of knockback.
 5: Electricity comes from the hammer. Opponent is shocked and is unable to move for a short 
 6: Burns the opponent. High knockback.
 7: Good amount of damage. High knockback. You also heal yourself.
 8: Freezes the opponent. No knockback.
 9: The strongest number you can get. Very high damage that also sends opponents flying. Slightly harder to land, though.

D, DF, F, x: Normal Chef (Mr. Game and Watch flips food out of his pan. Can continue flipping if button is held. Pan is also an attack.)

D, DF, F, y: Short Order Chef (Mr. Game and Watch flips food out of his pan quickly. The food has good range and speed, but less damage.)

D, DF, F, a/b: Helmet (Mr. Game & Watch puts on a helmet and dashes across the stage. Activating this move with a light kick sends you not too far, but does a good amount of damage, and activating this move with a hard kick sends you far, but does a low amount of damage.)

D, DB, B, K: Oil Panic (Mr. Game & Watch pulls out a bucket. Projectiles can be absorbed by it, with each projectile filling a portion of the bucket. When all of the bucket is filled, activate this move and you'll release a bucket of oil! However, releasing the oil means you have to fill up the bucket again.)

- F, F/B, B: Forwards/Backwards Parachute (can be done in air only) (Mr. Game & Watch activates his parachute and flies across the stage, tripping opponents. Takes a good amount of time to start up, but does a good amount of damage and knockback.)


D, DF, F, x+y: Super Chef (A Hyper version of his Chef Special.) (1000)

D, DF, F, a+b: Stampede (Mr. Game & Watch calls smaller clones of himself to stampede opponents, also tripping them in the process.) (1000)
D, DB, B, x+y: Down for the Count (Mr. Game & Watch runs towards an opponent. If he succesfully makes contact with the opponent, he consecutively attacks with Judge 7, Judge 8, and Judge 9.) (2000)

D, DF, F, a+b: Hyper Key (Basically, a Hyper version of his Key attack.) (air only) (2000)

D, DF, F, x+y: Mr. Game & Watch Drill (Mr. Game & Watch sends himself flying forwards.) (air only) (2000)

D, DF, F, a+x/y+z: The Zero (Mr. Game & Watch somehow gets a 0 using his Judge move. OHKO move, when hit, opponent will also flash purple. Hard to land.) (3000)

D, DB, B, a+x/y+z: Octopus (Mr. Game and Watch turns into a big octopus and damages anyone close. Takes up a big part of the screen) (3000)



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