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Caza Zach (Again)

CZMugen's Request Thread


CZMugen's Request Thread

well i'm looking for some lost characters from MUGEN

here are some list

1- Omega Weegee by Pedro Higin (this character was on 2shared before he's offline)

2- NicoNicoRun by paoradcdonald894 (It was on AXFC but the link was offline and no one can download it)

3- THX by bubsyinsmashbros (It was on MEGA but the link has deleted so THX is Offline)

Image result for thx white png

4- Madotsuki by Eiten (The Link was on Dropbox but now finally deleted and now she's offline)


5- Stickman by _不明氏 (Look this up on my content request)


(also when someone has some, you'll find a new link and reupload it)

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