Arcueid Brunestud (CvS3/POTS Style) by Jadeeye

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Arcueid Brunestud (CvS3/POTS Style) by Jadeeye

The White Princess of the True Ancestors has come.....


This is my first POTS style character. Hope you guys enjoy :)









Download link:


A.I Difficulty Option:
Level 1-4: Easy A.I
Level 5-8: Hard A.I


Version History:


 - Fixed Super Finish effect scaling
 - Fixed missing flash effect when charging power (thanks to SolidZone 26)
 - Strong version and Ex version of Teleport now have grab animation when approaching the opponent
 - Modified A.I Jumping
 - Modified A.I Custom Combo

 - Fixed small portrait doesn't change color according to the palette (thanks to SolidZone 26)
 - Decrease damage from Super Claw Blitz and Super Force Faiya
 - Modified damage scaling from Super combo
 - Modified height that allow to perform Claw Scrape
 - Modified some hitboxes
 - Modified some A.I combo to fit with new hitboxes

 - Removed acceleration during walk and run
 - Added slashes Normal hit sounds
 - Changed Special hit sounds
 - Fixed Joint Barrage has a frame that is floating

 - New small portrait by HadeS
 - New Super portraits by Sennou-Room
 - Fixed missing win pose voice 
 - Modified A.I Upper-Cut (EX)
 - Modified A.I Custom Combo

 - First release


Especially thanks to:
RajaaBoy for his original customized character.
ShinSmoke for his open source A.I coding.


Any feedback is welcome!

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On 8/1/2018 at 8:50 AM, gui0007 said:

Great job bruh!


Thanks for your vid, bro.


I have updated her for the new portraits and fixed some little things.

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