WN-Goku [0.9b]

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WN-Goku [0.9b]

Mugenversion: 1.1

Render: OpenGL

Char 0.9 beta version release. There are bugs, and also some content has not entered. Later, maybe updated. Enjoy!

Download link: https://mega.nz/#F!P8pHXLpR!gbcw8UhGP6m6XiUAAHuUjw

System requirements:

4 gb+ ram

1gb+ vram

Mugen cfg:

AfterImageMax = 50+

LayeredSpriteMax = 500+
ExplodMax = 500+

SysExplodMax = 500+

PlayerProjectileMax = 500+

WavChannels = 500+


Special thanks for:




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JESUS CHRIST!!! This may possibly be the best version of goku currently available for mugen. He plays exactly like he fights in the anime and when i use him it just feels right. Loving the character bro, keep up the good work!

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