CHAT POD IS UNLEASHED!   Ladies and gentlemen, we now have chat.  Live chat, in a little un-intrusive window that's accessible just about everywhere on the forum.  And not only can you chat about your grandmothers hugs, but it handles picture embedding, let's you spice up your noise with your favorite onion head emojis, member tagging (just click their name), lets you turn sound notifications on and off, aaaaand keeps you up-to-date by auto-posting links to all forum activity.  Links that open in new tabs, so they don't fuck with your scroll flow. This nifty little doohicky does it all.  So, let the babble begin!!!  Happy Hanukkah and Kwanza to those who celebrate!  And happy un-hacked now to everyone at MFFA!!!  Uber special thanks to Aлескей for that one :)

Here's where you find it.  Just click the little tab, and it'll pop out.                                           And here's what it looks like.  Oh yes.                          
                                           (You must have at least 3 posts before you're allowed to chat, in order prevent spam)
One more to go....
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