The Best MUGEN characters for your roster

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ZET's Shana

280gou's Son Goku (Universe Survival)

zektard's Unicorn Gundam and Unicorn Gundam 02 Banshee

marktwo's Zero and Subaru Nakajima

Ricepigeon's Touhou characters

SSonic's edit of RamzaNeko and Mr. Karate's Zero

Nanabe's Kamen Rider Kuuga -Yuuske Ondera-

anomipolis's KOFM versions of Nipa3008 and Ninefreeman's Kamen Rider Double and Kamen Rider OOO

Minaduki's Fate Testarossa

most of taurusac195's Gundam characters

Amada's Gundam characters (especially his Freedom Gundam)

Hyukke's Master Gundam

Gladiacloud and Solarfared's Pokemon characters

Nipa3008 and ninefreeman's edit of qzak's Kamen Rider Den-O

most of Jaki's Kamen Rider characters

Omokagedou's Kamen Rider Wizard

Team Gaim's Kamen Rider Gaim

Tenkuuji Temple's Kamen Rider Ghost

Computer Rescuing Center's Kamen Rider Ex-Aid

marisya's Cure Blossom

Omega's Hayate Yagami

Napoleon Jonamite's MVC Sailor Moon Characters


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