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Ako Tamaki, the magical girl from Anime now in CvS3 POTS style with 3-Button. Owning many kind of magic, she can keep safe distance with an opponent by shooting spell, trap an opponent and recover HP with healing spell. Beside, Ako's supporter is really useful. She can be customized in the Palette Selector, Hitsparks, Custom Combo / Max Mode Selecter and Chain Combo.





Link: https://goo.gl/GKQRpX




.Magic Scroll
      .Thunder Spear: D,DF,F + weak P (Air)
      .Ice Bolt: D,DF,F + medium P (Air)
      .Flame Charge: D,DF,F + strong P (Air)
.EX Magic Scroll: D,DF,F+2P  (with 500MP) (Air)
.Lovely Shot (EX): F,D,DF + P (PP with 500MP)
.Twinkle Star (EX): D,DB,B + P (PP with 500MP)
.Rolling Star (EX): D,DB,B + P (PP with 500MP) (Air only)
.Support <Rusian / Hideki Nishimura>
      .Shield Counter: D,D + P
      .Monster Train: D,D + 2P  (with 500MP)
.Heal for Rusian (EX): D,D + hold P (Only when can't call support character)



.Meteor Strike (MAX): D, DF, F, D, DF, F + P (PP with 2 super bars) (Air)
.Green Onion Sword (MAX): D, DF, F, D, DB, B + P (PP with 2 super bars) (Air)
.Heal for me (MAX): D, DB, B, D, DB, B + hold P (PP with 2 super bars) (Not LifeMax)


<Lv3 Super>

.I Love You Rusian!: D, DF, F, D, DF, F + 3P (Only when can call support character)
.Perfect Blizzard: D, DB, B, D, DB, B + 3P

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Well, RyochiReturns, I just tried her out on my Mugen 1.0... and I, Xiristatos, was told that my Mugen was too much of an old fart for her.

Yeah... she's 1.1 only.

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Alrighty then, thanks for the mediafire link. The very second I saw you type in "Mugen Archive" I, Xiristatos, was worried I would have to go there myself, which is just plain impossible for me because for some dumb reason, Archive banned my e-mail address... even though I, Xiristatos, never had any account there before.


And that is just one of many things wrong with Archive that I, Xiristatos, probably shouldn't mention. Again, mediafire link very much appreciated, my dude.


By the way, it appears that this download is not the character in its entirety, but some of her files that are to be inserted into the original Ako's files. You know, kinda like a patch or something. Just noting that for whatever 1.0 users want to download this particular file.

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