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Okay... I am about to quit M.U.G.E.N when MLG KFM and Ultraviolet get's finished, also Cheapo Battle Six would be mark the final of me.

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Okay... I am about to quit M.U.G.E.N when MLG KFM and Ultraviolet get's finished, also Cheapo Battle Six would be mark the final of me.

I Don't know if this goes right on the sub-forum but there's some things that i have to say.... 


It's been a long time since 2008 viewing M.U.G.E.N Vids by Famous M.U.G.E.Nites, i've went to study more of it in 2010 by downloading the entire M.U.G.E.N game, inserting chars, making some chars and stages for good.. i've went on a long break from it since i've went on a Battle/Flamewar on the Database against the Worst M.U.G.E.Nite/Youtuber Narayan, i was also Flammed and feeded by various M.U.G.E.Nite wich are worst too just like Frijolito Perez, bla bla bla bla bla.


As i've started to make a NSFW Yoshi Recolour it didn't go well as Eggbomber101 says on skype also many people heavily critized with positive and negative reviews of it as i've attempted to make updates and such but i dropped off due of lack of interest, i went to edit the original Omega Tiger Woods from Most_Mysterious (Now The_None)... i've went so much messing and messing around on the Doom Engine Zandronum about funny quotes that people find around so i taked the joke inestad from what Meldo said, whatever.


as i've started to edit more chars as i yet tried to make Stickmen chars using the same base as from what "UltraViolet" is now at the work progress are also dropped off due of lack in coding and such scripts.

i just went myself to make aleast a effort on some edits but it was rarely mistakes... it doesn't ends the road but TurretJACK Helped me to make some Private or more known as Exchangeable Chars where those South Koreans and Japaenese Cheapo M.U.G.E.Nite does, he wanted to contine Improving OTW 2014 but as i've went on the long break as he quits for undisclosed reasons is yet on queue to improve more the edit as i say in a lot of different M.U.G.E.N Videos, i just went sometimes famous to get a lot of Requests by Various South Koreans and Japanese users! also Spanish and English users who wanted to give me more... i was considered on my discord channel likewhat these "K-Pop" bands but in chilean edition for them, anyways.


I've went involved in various Personal Problems, Flamewars that went me trough very high depression as i've sliced my hand on a gaming video on Youtube.. i've tried to not get rid of my life in 2 attempts, my friends cheered me up, some people cheered me up to get aleast the best to not try it again as i've been Crying a lot on home or in school.


Also you think what i do with MLG Kung Fu Man and Ultraviolet? well there's some Theory and explanation about Both:


-Well as CoolAkramTV wants to Modify the Purple Stickman wich is based of the Sun's Ultraviolets but due of his Brother breaking it up, he didn't get the power anymore of his PC as i wait a lot for him.. he loves to request a lot of Newbie edits that i would probably do but is my choice to do it, we want to make it better and not as my past does as i did a effort to make moves but i hope something great modifications for better animations and better scripts with coding.


MLG Kung Fu Man:

-i'm not yet done as well with the SUPA HOT FIRE of MLG Memes and Dank Memes for some Hot and Spicy Doritos of MLG Kung Fu MLG Version of KFM to launch random Memes and pure Rektness with a 360 No Scope, Many people guessed a good idea.


As i've done explaining, i also i hold a W.I.P about the famous Reading Festival... an infamous festival known as having a lot of Bottled artists and Bands, i'd love to keep going on too on myself as a Metalhead does.


I am supossed to keep going on but as the school, Alternative Projects on other games, clans and music is on my mind around to be like to use a Rap Metal/Rap Rock Band as my wish... i wish for, i keep myself what i do.


It doesn't say by some person, it doesn't say anyone, neither people wich thinks that i am so inactive doing the chars just.. i say that... now you can keep calm on themselfes and let the oldies on stuff as i almost get someone falling in love at me... probably there would be someday that i come back when i get back in interest on those stuff when i finish everything on what i do on myself and for my little babys.


Keep Going ladies and gentlemen... hope you get a nice day.


You maybe can feel like this song:




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For those guys that i am joking about my quit that is a April Fools cause you don't know that isn't is even a freaking silly joke... i've been involved too in dificult times on my life as i've attempted to make it more better.


Just don't be Jealeous.

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