Beijing Cyclists . . . from Street Fighter Alpha/Zero 2

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NeoGouki: Wherever you are, I have made an edit of your stage. If you want it taken down, I will do so.

But yeah, here's the original stage in SFA2 (Images belong to and respectively):



Converted to M.U.G.E.N., especially suited for those who could leap over skyscrapers:

[CHARS USED IN SCREENCAPS: Chun-Li (MVC Style) by Whitemagic2002 and Cammy White (XMVSF Style) by Ishi Yama]


.  . .:Hl328Yf.png:. .  .

Did you know it took (on-and-off) about four months to draw the stage (the extended part) by hand? But it took about a month and a half for me to release it.


Watch the vid. See how insane it is.:




This stage has five versions, two suited for WinMUGEN, the rest suited for MUGEN 1.0+. What's included in the stage pack (and not shown in the video) is a 'bikeless' version, where there are no people in the stage, and also three 'Music Match' versions here the bikers go faster to the tune of the beat (at the beginning of the themes, not throughout). There are four different themes for this stage. There's the original stage theme, plus an assortment of Chun-Li's themes from the Marvel Vs series. There are also loopable versions for those who use the newer M.U.G.E.N builds that uses the music looping ability.


You know how it is with me. Gotta give
Special thanks to:

  • Capcom for the graphics
  • Elecbyte for creating M.U.G.E.N
  • VirtualTek for Fighter Factory
  • Cybaster for creating the Complete Stage Creation Tutorial
  • NeoGouki for original stage conversion
  • Vegaz_Parrelli for original stage idea
  • Yoko Shimomura for Chun-Li's Theme from Street Fighter II: The World Warrior (it ain't the first fighting game, but it's the fighting that started it all)
  • Naoshi Mizuta for Chun-Li's Theme from Street Fighter Alpha/Zero and Street Fighter Alpha/Zero 2 (dat athletic outfit)
  • Yuki Iwai and/or Yuko Takehara for Chun-Li's Theme from X-Men vs. Street Fighter (the first true Marvel vs. Capcom crossover)
  • Yuki Iwai and/or Yuko Takehara for Chun-Li's Theme from Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter (the most underrated Marvel vs. Capcom installment that has the best announcer)
  • VidGmr1996 for.....freak this dude, man. always the one that goes last on these lists hand-drawing the background and the foreground (building), yup! Pixel art is hard! But I got it done, somehow!



<Mod Edit: Link Removed>

<Mod Edit: Link Removed>

*Comes with four loopable musics (if you didn't care to read what I said up there).
*Comes with five versions (read the first asterisk comment).
**EDIT AS OF SEPTEMBER 11th, 2017: Added information and two links!


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Oh my bad, didn't know the mugenarchive was blacklisted on here. It's cool tho, thanks for letting me now. Hopefully I'll remember to not put links to that website again by the time I do another release!

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