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Eevee (final) release (08.09.2017)

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Eevee (final) release (08.09.2017)



Possibly, this is final version of my Eevee.

Changes from 07.05.2017 to 08.09.2017:

- New large portrait, vortex (infinity) lifebars portraits and Lifebars_MA portrait

- Added quick attack (as EX variant of Tackle) and new projectile move: Shadow Ball

- Added more voice clips from Anime series

- Added Black Eevee mode (Press start+z on character select screen (or CSS for short) to activate)

- Changed commands for strikers

- Added rest of Eeveelutions hyper combos (except Espeon and Sylveon, which I'm out of ideas to make them as hypers)

(Movelist is listed in readme)

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