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About the character Kei from Street Fighter

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About the character Kei from Street Fighter

There is this character I found from Street Fighter who I found that no one seem to talk about and it's Sakura's friend Kei from Street Fighter Alpha, How come no one in the Mugen community ever created her as a playable Mugen character? We have Eliza who is Ken's Wife, Some of the characters from SF4 who became playable for Mugen, And even Effie who is Necro's girlfriend, but no one has ever made Kei as a playable character for Mugen at all, Why not? By the ideas about this character, I'm thinking that her moves will be very familiar to Sakura's and Karin's but with a few original moves. I hope someday in the future someone should make Kei as a playable Street Fighter character for Mugen....or Street Fighter 5 but I doubt that will happen.




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