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Chargin' Chuck Edit Released (08/30/17)

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Fer619's Chargin' Chuck character has been edited by me.


What's new:

-Added strong kicks
-Changed commands for Super Tackle and assists
-Fixed CLSN boxes
-Super Tackle now requires 500 power
-Removed EnvColor state for Thwomp assist
-Added Rock Throw special
-Changed Landing Sound to sound 2, 1
-Updated animation for standing strong punch
-Added electrocuted, burnt, and frozen states
-Attacks do less damage
-Added new palettes
-Added winquotes

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Chargin' Chuck has been updated.

What's new:

-Amazing Flyin' Hammer Bro and Mini Rhino can now be hit.
-Updated standing strong kick animation.
-Updated air attack animations.
-Fixed Rock Throw special. Now, you can't use the move if a rock is onscreen.
-Baseball specials can't be used if a rock is onscreen.

Link on main post.

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