All Chars Update June/August(Poison)

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Late, though I forgot to post this here. I apologize for that. Updated all my chars in June. Along with now, a much more significant update for Poison now in August.




-Color separation
-New pals added
-s.MK(far) is now super/special cancellable
-Only j.LP and j.LK are cancellable
-High Heel Pounce changed to a QCB motion
-Handcuff Toss Changed to a QCF motion
-New Street Fighter x Tekken Japanese sound
-Misc tweaks


Grab them all in my folder at www.trinitymugen.net. 

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Few more updates for Poison:


-Better Kiss -> Stance transition(thanks Trololo)
-New Whip snd added(thanks Trololo)
-Some snd changes
-P2 can no longer recover from Criminal Heel

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