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Lord Balrog(1.1 Only MalpeStory Boss)

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I returned to MUGEN briefly to make this character. I do not make as much Creation Like as before, This boss was so weak in the original game that I thought it must make be in MUGEN. Perhaps 1.1 boss is already enough. I may retire in MUGEN until I get an idea again.
Originally, I did not intend to disclose anything, but I will need announce the news to some extent.
After i release this character, i will not be back MUGEN until i have an MUGEN Character idea.


Notes: He has 1.1 Only Boss, he is much powerful than original Game.
Because I do not know all his Move Name, I wrote the Move name arbitrarily.
I Use wzcomparerR2 when I Ripping the Sprite and Sounds. (to reverse the image, use Photoscape.)


(Body MoveList)
A = Sneeze of hell
B = Hellfire trim
C = bone launch
D, D, x = Strength absorption
D, D, F, F, x = Attack Reflex (Reflects all attacks and damages your opponent.)
S = Darkness (can strike a monument)

(Left hand MoveList)
F, y = ice thorn
F, z = ice claw
F, F, x = summon the Balrog

(Right hand MoveList)
B, y = Green lightning
B, z = mana absorption
B, B, x = ray of light


Tip: Balrog's HP is 50%, 25-30%, and both hands are automatically sealed, so you do not need to attack your arm. He occasionally attacks reflection (on the head of a purple icon) or hides in the dark. In this case, you must hit all 3 altar of the map more than 5 times.)

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