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I tried to made my own mugen, but from the moment i am a programmer not a graphic designer i can't make my own lifebar and menu. You can watch my trailer video on youtube at the following link:



You must download these 3 folders since the characters roster is very huge, and you have to drag all characters folders into chars folder which is located into the "supreme world of fighters" folder. Otherwise you will not have any character in the roster


If the mugen gives to you an error like this one:


M.U.G.E.N ver 1.1.0 Beta 1 P1 (2013.08.11) status log ---------------------------------------------------

Parsing command line...

Command line: C:\Users\bellm\Desktop\Supreme World Of Fighters\mugen.exe Parse command line OK Initializing... Allocating game variables Reading configuration file...Setting language "en". OK Initializing timer...performance timer enabled...frequency 2338451...OK Initializing keyboard...configuring...OK Initializing input engine...OK

Initializing sound...OK

Initializing BGM... OK

Initializing graphics...gameCoord 1920x1080...render mode 2_22...trying 1920x1080x32 mode 0x0...failed.


You must go into the supreme world of fighter folder, then go into data folder and open the mugen.cfg file, with a text editor or notepad if you have installed it on your computer. Scroll down until you see these lines:



;Set the game speed here. The default is 60 frames per second. The

;larger the number, the faster it goes. Don't use a value less than 10. GameSpeed = 60

;Game native width and height.

;Recommended settings are:

; 640x480 Standard definition 4:3

; 1280x720 High definition 16:9

; 1920x1080 Full HD 16:9

GameWidth = 1920

GameHeight = 1080


Change the GameWidth and the GameHeight values just like this:


GameWidth = 1280

GameHeight = 720


Game features:


- 192 characters, they came from 11 universes: dragon ball, blazblue, guilty gear, bandai namco (tekken and soul calibur), marvel, mortal kombat, capcom, hokuto no ken, snk and the last charcters come from other universes with final bosses included;


- 32 boss characters in arcade modes: in the single arcade mode you will fight 7 random fighters from all universes, while in the last 3 matches you will fight against 3 bosses from the easiest to the hardest. In team arcade you will fight 8 matches with random fighters, while the last 2 matches you will fight against 4 bosses. Two bosses in the ninth match and other 2 in the last match;


- characters moves list, in the game folder i create an extra folder with all characters movelist, and i put a txt file which explain to you how to understand mugen commands;


- Controls, i set the commands for a xbox 360 controller, x weak punch, y medium punch, rb strong punch, a weak kick, b medium kick, rt strong kick. With the start button you will use the character taunt, if you want close the game or leave a mode press the esc button of your keyboard;


- The stages are 77 from all universes;


- The hard disk space requiredis at least 8gb, it's really heavy for a mugen, because there are 192 characters and they are made in high quality and high resolution;


- You must download all the 3 files on mediafire, and you must drag all characters folders into the chars folder of supreme world of fighters. When you have done click on the .exe icon.


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Lord Samurai thanks dude :)


Pluscross i tried to create something of new, when i start to made this mugen i tried to put different characters from all universes. I also chose the mugen world menu, because it is focused on various worlds and characters. For example in the menu there are the street fighter characters, dragon ball, mortal kombat....

I didn't make a mugen focus on a particular world because when i was searching for characters i found some good models, good sprites and so on. But when i tried the arcade mode and i fought against some characters, i figured out the AI wasn't so good. What i mean when i type "the AI wasn't so good" ? I mean you actually can't do anything, when a specific character started a combo you are doomed. You don't have any way to escape with some characters and even if you escape the opponent will start the combo again, and your life will go down in a matter of seconds. So i didn't choose some models because of this reason.

The only mugen i could make without other characters from different universes was Marvel vs Capcom, but i changed idea because there are too many Marvel vs Capcom Mugen fighting games, whic is the same for SNK vs Capcom. In other cases i couldn't find enough characters for dragon ball, blazblue and guilty gear i didn't find all heroes that i needed to made a huge mugen roster that's why i created this game based on different worlds. 

It doesn't have primarily type of characters, so i could make the mugen as i want without any limitations and i could pick the hardest final bosses from all mugen universes to make the game a little bit harder :)

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Different char sizes,different play styles,nothing original or fresh in other words it ain't good.

Well no surprise mugen has died in several parts of the world  because some people think that making a good game is grabbing 400 chars and stages and putting those together,i still remember when fans complained of a DBZ game because it didin't had so many chars bandai namco answered to their pleas and decided that they would make a DBZ game with 200 chars and the fans got hyped because they would get the game they wanted but since the console had limits the quality got reduced to keep the ammount of chars after relelase the fans complained of the low quality of the game and that it had too much characters this is why we see games that are made without taking in consideration to players.

Think of mugen in the same way the engine has limits and with HR chars the limits get reduced take that into account,the only unlimited thing is that you can make something unique that you wanted to show to the world.


Advices to make a good game.

.- Make an impresive screenpack or grab an awesome one like the ones that have custom portraits and similar details.

.- Stick to one style from the same universe.

.- Stick to the same gameplay since different gameplays change the damage focus for example in some gameplays the damage is bigger with special attacks and other have gameplay focused on chainsyou can't mix chars like that since the char that use chains have advantage.

.- If you are using 1.1 take advantage of it with 32 bit color portraits.

.- Hack the engine to use more ram.

.- Edit the engine cfg to use more resources since if you are using chars with more afterimages or explods or need more requirements for decompression the defaults are too low.

.- Try to keep the roster to 30 chars maximum for quality, and 45 if you go for gameplay keep in mind games released.

.- Use shaders or reshade to make an awesome game,shaders make everything awesome remember that since the year 99 all the consoles had some cool features like anisotropic filtering,antialiasing,trilinear filtering,dithering,alpha blending,specular effect and similar features and those features got used on almost every game,the excuse pixelated or sharp is how they showed is a really lame one since i never saw something pixelated on arcades or consoles except when the graphic engine burned the console worked but 2d games looked pixelated not softened as they should.

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I accept critic reviews from other users, so thanks to give me some advices. First of all as i said in the main comment I'm not an artist but i am a programmer, i use c++, c and java but none of these three languages helped me to build a mugen. Build another mugen like "SNK Vs Capcom" or "Marvel Vs Capcom" was only repetitive that's why i didn't make another game like those.

Create a balanced roster it's really hard, i spent days searching on internet to find models and other stuffs, for example i changed Sol's model three times, you can ask me why ? Because it had an insane AI, when he started a combo you were doomed.

When you talk about " Stick to one style from the same universe " from my experience i can say that it is useless, i found so many characters programmed so bad, the Sol's model was a perfect example. I don't pretend a noob AI but at least i want a character that can give some punches , not give a combo with 30 punches. Another example is Blue Vegito (or Vegito Blue i don't know which one is correct since the japanese translation of Black  Goku is Goku Black) he has the same style of goku base form, super sayan, blue etc. But he can do an insane amount of damage, you just need to press RB button (on the xbox controller) and he creates a combo and you don't need to press any button, just one. That's why i said " Stick to one style from the same universe " it's useless, it depends from the original creators, how they programmed the models and other stuffs.

On internet i didn't find any good tutorial to learn use mugen as well, maybe you are in this field from years, but i am in this field from only three months. I wanted make good portraits for the characters when i was making the game, but i couldn't because every single time i exported the images from photoshop to fighter factory, it just changed all colours and make the same process on 192 characters, in the end it was a waste of time.

I didn't find a screen pack with 30 or 40 characters, i always saw a roster >=70.

For the roster size, i agree but i realized this stuff when i already put half roster, nowadays the companies are making small rosters because they need to improve other stuffs, like graphics, animations etc. The best fighting games in the last years are (in my opinion) King Of Fighters XIV, Killer Instinct and Tekken 7, i was really disappointed from Marvel vs Capcom Infinite, because i love the series and it is a pity see the game made bad because of deadlines. They just take Marvel vs Capcom 3 characters and  reapered to the new game, but we don't have so many new characters, we have Jedah which is really good, but we don't have Asura which was great and he was one of the most required characters. So they didn't use so many models but at the same time the game has a poor: soundtrack, story, facial animations, roster, an arcade mode with no endscreens and 6 DLCs.

Thanks again for the advices it was a funny experience made a mugen game but at the same time i am disappointed to not be able to correct some stuffs like the portraits, the shaders etc.

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