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Hello everyone. 

my name is Redthefox but you can call me Red.

I'm a Mugen fighter since somes mouth. There's already many things i already learn like adding a character, a stage, and musics, 


I also try to create an character fighter but that pretty hard so i use a tutorial.


The another thing is i like to play at RPGS games like Sonic Chronicles, Rpg Maker, Undertale, etc.

When i get bored well i create an game from differents univers.


Personnaly i like alot Freedom Planet, Sonic the hedgehog, and especially Undertale.


And i'm not really good at 100% in English but i do my best ^^'

It may you could have many question for me so feel free to ask me a question if you want ;)


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Hey there pal!

No questions from me, just a welcoming message for now...


I hope you are using Ryon's tutorial for the creation of characters? Many others work but Ryon's is the best IMO (Officially in the race to reach top 10 Ryon fanboys haha!)


I love tactical RP's as Fire Emblem myself. Love Sonic, Freedom Planet and Undertale aswell alongside WWE.


The English is not half as bad, it is way better than when I joined the site buddy.


Well I lied, I am going to ask you something anyway!

Who are you creating for MUGEN? Maybe I could help you with some things!





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