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Visual Novels stage Collection


This is an collection featuring Stages from Visual novels by Lump of Sugar such as:

Diamic Days and Tayutama: Kiss in my delty.






Stages from
Diamic Days by Unsigned author (Due to MA Links,i host them on onedrive in case...)

Diamic Days (Stages 1) =A=Diamic Days (Stages 2) =A=Diamic Days (Stages 3) =A=Diamic Days (Stages 4)Diamic Days (Stages 5) =A=Diamic Days (Stages 6) =A=Diamic Days (Stages 7) =A=Diamic Days (Stages 8)Diamic Days (Stages 9) =A=Diamic Days (Stages 10) =A=Diamic Days (Stages 11) =A=



Stages from

Tayutama: Kiss in my Delty by Namu ami Dabutu


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