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Komaki Presents...


Original MUGEN Char Collection!

This collection is for Original MUGEN char content.


Reubenkee's Original MUGEN Chars:

Dragon Claw

Dragon Claw


Taruse's Original MUGEN Chars:

Reika Murasame Edit Hory Marlu   hime_n11.png

Reika Murasame, Hory Marlu and Hime Kawano

OP NOTE: Hime Kawano has NSFW content (no hentai) but her panties always appear.


Wani_Shimamura's Original MUGEN Chars:


Yoshinaka Hinata,Natsuka Fuou and Nanoha Tsukikage


Other Original MUGEN Chars:

Stella  Kaname  Mikage Hiroki  Ohosi_Nagisa_11_11_71100.gifmorumo_1_0_66418.gif  Ono_Kohaku_17987.gif  Mao_WPMaoD4tati.gifYomi

Stella by kotoyuki

Kaname by C.Komaru

Mikage Hiroki by toto

Ohosi Nagisa by SANKITI

Morumo by Amano JACK

Ono Kohaku by Mariru

Mao WPR and Mao D0 by Akkin

Yomi by SKWT


More coming soon.




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Here's more:


Andres Borghi's The Black Heart characters:



Terrance by MrPr1993:



A lot of characters by Masupenku-kun:

http://araigumakun.web.fc2.com/ (under "オリジナル")


Brandy Oteigh by Creamy Goodness:



Tiff Lagomorph by Laxxe23, Boss Lagomorph, & Kamekaze [NOTE: Character does not work on 1.0+. Slightly NSFW, but no nudity]:



Kung Fu Fiunn by Most Mysterious:


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