Fidget Spinner by jor8a

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This character was released more than a week ago but no one seemed to notice. Yes, this is real. You're not dreaming. Fidget Spinners have made their way into MUGEN.


It has hitboxes while moving or jumping so you can just move toward the opponent for cheap KOs. It also has cheap tornado moves that can OHKO opponents.



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14 hours ago, The Auditor said:

Uh....I have a question....why in the name of god's green earth did a Fidget Spinner use the tornado?

I assume that is the Fidget Spinner's secret power which no mortal being can gain control off...

But in an all serious perspective this is possible the most hilarious character, I hate Fidget's irl but this is flatout awesome!


But serious, Fidget Spinners shall destroy our society

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