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Click the author names to download.


Red: Offline

Yellow: WIP



ClayFighter / ClayFighter: Tournament Edition

oUqos6Z.png   wLyenMn.png  sczjskA.png   OsdC0jn.png  aUinVIg.png   mxnyLZv.png   rg316pP.png   CRkZQEn.png


Bad Mr. FrostyFrantic || BlobShadowtak || BonkerLordShade67 / Xandegraf || Blue Suede GooShadowtak / Xandegraf || HelgaShadowtak / Xandegraf 


Ickybod ClayLordShade67 / Shadowtak / Xandegraf  || TaffyShadowtak || N. BossShadowtak / Xandegraf



ClayFighter 2: Judgment Clay


cHPpvV9.png   rAD0qqB.png   ulcJPiG.png   pXiJjkW.png   TFsC3YU.png   F43zuOn.png   IONkpXh.png   OPsqhiZ.png


BlobMetasponge64 / Xandegraf || SlyckMetasponge64 / Xandegraf || IceMetasponge64 || Bad Mr. Frosty: Metasponge64 || JackMetasponge64 / LordShade67 


OctoheadLordShade67 / Shadowtak / Xandegraf || TinyMetasponge64 / Xandegraf || ButchXandegraf


vSJ519M.png   R4oSxTz.png   x6RWCfe.png   oe04YEA.png   rAjMqX8.png    ytv5n7M.png   7i60f8O.png   ehK4cCr.png


 GoogooXandegraf || SpikeXandegraf || HoppyLord Sinistro || SargeXandegraf || NanamanMetasponge64 / Xandegraf || Dr. PeelgoodXandegraf || KangooXandegraf || ThunderXandegraf



ClayFighter N64: 63 1/3 & Sculptor's Cut

ftbcbUE.png   zaV18v0.png   QEQXENR.png   bN2b4aS.png   5FSIX9m.png   LiN2OUP.png


Boogerman: : Basara-kun || Happy Harry HounganXandegraf || T-Hoppy:  Xandegraf || Bad Mr. Frosty: Basara-kun Xandegraf || Dr. KilnXandegraf || High FiveJeffry081



heMKvYX.png   7ysJKrE.png   rAiC2i5.png   EQOhkLk.png  oQoYzHN.png


Earthworm JimBasara-kun / Dr. Kelexo || Sumo SantaXandegraf || Kung PowSome Guy / Xandegraf || TaffyXandegraf || Lockjaw Pooch: Some Guy



All Clay Fighter 1 Stages by Cenobite53 || All Clay Fighter 1: Tournament Edition Stages by Cenobite53 || All Clay Fighter 2 Stages by Cenobite53 || The Crib by Shadowtak || Clay Keep by Shadowtak || Mudville Gardens by Shadowtak || 


Bungle Jungle by Shadowtak || Frosty Workshop by Shadowtak || Under de Clay by Shadowtak || N. Boss Stage by Shadowtak || The Blob Stage by Shadowtak || Frosty Stage by Shadowtak || Opera House by Getafix 


Mount Mushmore by Getafix || Boxing Ring by Getafix || Burning Clay by Nori-ban || Frosty Fort by Nori-ban || Opera House by Nori-ban || Ickybod Clay Stage by Nori-ban 


Happy Harry's Hut by Xandegraf || Camp Canaveral by Xandegraf || Viking Theater by Frantic


Note: most of Shadowtak's stages were offline. The list above consists of the only obtainable stages from his archived site.



Super ClayFighter  by Xandegraf

Super ClayFighter by Xandegraf, converted to 1.1  by Gui0007



 ClayFighter 63 1/3 sound pack by Basara-Kun



ClayFighter / CFTE sprite rips: The Spriters Resource & Sprite Database

ClayFighter 2 sprite rips: The Spriters Resource & Sprite Database

ClayFighter N64 sprite rips: The Spriters Resource

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Cool... a little detail: says "63 1/2" in the link to my soundpack instead "63 1/3"


And also some resources from spriterips pages:

ClayFighter 1/TE: The Spriters Resource (5 chars by A.J.Nitro, Blue Suede Goo by Maxim, Taffy by Megamonk4, 4 stages by Maxim and SmithyGCN), Sprite Database (2 chars by Jurae818)

ClayFighter 2: The Spriters Resource (3 chars by ShadeDBZ, Hoppy by Solink, Octo/Jack stage by sutinoer, title screen by Tonberry2k), Sprite Database (Bad Mr. Frosty, Blob and Nanaman by Jurae818)

ClayFighter N64 (63 1/3 & SC): The Spriters Resource (14 chars by Mr.C, 63 1/3 Earthworm Jim by Random Talking Bush, SC Sumo Santa and T-Hoppy by Maxim)

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