[Full Game WIP] Neo Sonic Fighters

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Oh hey, nice of you to drop by, this is one of my latest fan-games called Neo Sonic Fighters. It is a 2-D 1 on 1 fighter using the fighting game engine M.U.G.E.N 1.0. The gameplay is aimed similar to the likes of MvC, except with sonic characters ;)

Here's the title screen


Here's the character select screen.


Unfortunately right now, this is only the Demo version of the game, which means I can't just shove a ton of characters in your face, so be sure to check back soon, because there will be more.


Here's some gameplay


Now, some of you are probably thinking "Neo, can I help you with this game?"

Well, yes you can actually. Most of what I've only needed assistance with though is actually making the character sprites, While what you see in the game now looks somewhat done, there is going to be plenty more, and those aren't quite done yet.

One other thing, some of you also might be thinking "Hey, Neo, can you make *insert character name here*?"

About that..... theres a few rules in place, you have to design a sprite-sheet in this style and it cannot be any of the mentioned characters in this list, (or characters who are already in the game). Making characters is no easy task, because if you can't make the sheet, then why should I make the character?

Now for the list



Metal Sonic
Metal Knuckles
Metal/Android Shadow

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