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Falcon Rapper

CVS Chang Koehan POTS/Infinite by Falcon Rapper

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"Salve galera" Mugen Free for All! "Porque o guerreiro de fé nunca gela" by: Racionais mc's

One more char ready ... One more heavy weight for the game hehehe ...:
Well, I present to you "CVS Chang Koehan POTS-Infinite" by Falcon Rapper (Yes I am hehehe ...:P)

The char is in "POTS / Infinite" mode (cvs and sparks graphics in HD, fights mode setup, see Config.txt) plus have some new punches (preserving all strokes of KOF char, of course) ...

Designed to be played on Mugen 1.0 or Mugen 1.1 (some settings prevent it from running in other versions)

What you have:

Adapted to be played with 6 buttons (3 for punch and 3 for kick)
- "Moderate to difficult" artificial intelligence (milk with pear that has never played an arcade in a bar smelling of cigarettes in life cries in her hand hahahaha);
- 60 palettes (12 normal plus 48 extras, activating the selector in config.txt);
- All sparks in POTS style alpha effect
- Scores based on version 99-2002UM-XI
- Sounds based on version 99 (some sounds of KOF98UM for certain animations)
- Gameplay that can be changed in config.txt (activation of selector of palettes, aerial combos, etc.) ...
- All POTS / Infinite mode features (Parry, Custom Combo, etc.)
- It can be adapted to be played in the ADD004 mode (it can be activated as a helper and changed during team mode / simul mode, needs to use add004pie.exe, it works without problems, both in the jump tag style and style "Running tag", tested on both)
- You can enable or disable LV2 Portrait, see "config.txt"

What is missing:

- Final
- Correct errors that are found, otherwise nothing is missing, it is running good ...:P


Basic blows:
Throws: Two punch or kick buttons;
Hiki Nige: DF + strong punch

Special Skills

Tekkyu Dai Kaiten = Punch button repeatedly (Ex Mode with two punches, spends 500 MP)
Tekkyu Funsai Geki = (charge) B, F, punch (Ex Mode with two punches, spends 500 MP)
Dai Hakai Nage = D, DB, B, F, Punch (Ex Mode with two punches, spend 500 MP)
Hienzan = (charge) D, U, kick (Ex Mode with two kicks, spends 500 MP)
Tekkyuu Taiko Uchi = D, DF, F, kick (Ex Mode with two kicks, spends 500 MP)

Supers LV1 (Made with 1 super bar)

Tekkyu Dai Bousou = D, DF, F, D, DB, B, Punch
Tekkyuu Dai Assatsu = D, DF, F, D, DF, F, punch

Supers LV2 (Made with 2 super bars)

Tekkyu Dai Bousou = D, DF, F, D, DB, B, two punch buttons
Tekkyuu Dai Assatsu = D, DF, F, D, DF, F, two punch buttons

Super LV3 (Made with 3 super bars)

Tekkyu Dai Bousou Ousatsu = D, DF, F, D, DB, B, three punch buttons



Download link:


- Electbyte (Creators of Mugen)
- VirtuallTeck (creators of Fighter Factory)
- Infinite and R@ce Akira = For great chars in which I use as template during the conversion
- Phantom of the Server (best sparks and best style for ground fighting)
- Gal129 (Sprites, Commands, Constants and Animations used in this char, rips from CVS2 Chang & Choi)
- SNK (Extra ripped voices from the KOF XIV game)
- Jmorphman (Best effect for custom combos using helpers)
- Gui007 & JadeEye (For always promoting my work via Youtube)
- All those who accompanied the project in the forums MFG, Mugen Multiverse & Mugen Archive, all without exception.
- Administrators and members of mugen groups on Facebook, especially Ramon Garcia and Mestre Ares do Santuário, and for the group gallery there.

I dedicate this char first to God, because without him nothing would be possible, to my parents and relatives, my bride and future wife (Te amo <3 Raquel) and all those who like me love MUGEN ... :)

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