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Solid Snivy

Hades Izanami by Takehaya Susanoo Released (6/12/17)

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Well, it's apparently the 13th where Takehaya is at, but eh.


Just like Take's Susanoo, Izanami is Melty Blood styled. Act Cadenza to be specific. Unlike Susanoo however, she only has her Japanese voice from Central Fiction.


Topic and download link over on MugenGuild:


The reason why I didn't put the download link by itself is because you'll never know when she gets updated.

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Speaking of updates...she got updated.


-Removed shadows from effects which did not need them
-Fixed Eternal Darkness close-up transparency
-Minor changes to Eternal Darkness' GFX
-Increased input time for commands
-Fixed Melancholy Death <Arc Drive>'s command (63214>632146)
-Fixed Orchid's Magatama recall effect placement
-Fixed Droplet's Magatama deployment effect placement
-Fixed victory animations' duration

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Izanami got updated again.


Download Link:


List of changes:
-Increased start up on Hour of Nihility to 100 frames as it was meant to be.
-Damage dampener no longer resets when not attacking while time is stopped. Instead, it is reset the moment you stop time.
-Fixed music playing for an instant during Shield Counter.
-Attempted to fix Eternal Darkness position issue.
-Added an extra palette seen above. To use it, replace any of the palettes in the Act folder with a file named SanguePhantasma.act. It is taken from a 4chan post, so, I cannot credit anyone for making it.
-Few minor changes you will not notice.

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