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Ton Pooh released by Gladiacloud, Beximus and Shinzankuro

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Gladiacloud here.


Today is a great day. Today, not only I definitively release my 2017 main creation, but Mugen, after so many years, finally welcomes a very wanted Capcom character. :D


A small premise: compared to all my other Capcom characters, I made her in record time: 3 months instead of 4 months. Is it worth the graphic tablet? Also. I was put on leave for almost a month, so I had a lot of free time to work on it. :)


And we come to the revelation: who will this Capcom Character so popular? Well, she is one of Strider Hiryu's enemy:




Enjoy the




This time I used the Shinzankuro's template from the beginning, and Beximus helped me better than he could, giving me the voiceclips for her.


There is still something to be fixed, but Shinzankuro will be taking care of these things.


My Ton Pooh is not a Chun Li clone, even though I have used very few sprites from the latter. Her moveset is totally based on Strider 2, there is something from Project X Zone 2 and I also took some inspiration from Boh's Ton Pooh for some moves.


As I mentioned months ago, Ton Pooh is my last MVC special assist. Yes, I know that Lou and Unknown Soldier are missing, but I decided I will not do them. Well... about Lou, maybe I could change my mind in the future.


About Unknown Soldier, however, I have seen a lot of Forgotten Worlds' gameplays and I puzzled to try to create a moveset, but I did not succeed; so I decided I will never work on him.


Now, the summer is approaching and my work on Mugen will slow down considerably because of the heat.


However, I will say one thing about my next wip: are years that I was willing to work on something big, but I always had to postpone. Now I guess that moment has come.


Enjoy! ;D

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