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Hello, My name is AAA !

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Oh boy, where do I begin ?


I am some 21 years old French-Canadian dude  who happens to know English very well ! I also study in a Cégep, mostly the equivalent of a College in Québec.


I know MUGEN for almost 10 years, and I love MUGEN as much as you.  I am mostly a watcher. I also frequent MUGEN betting sites, such as SaltyBet and SpriteClub. I lurked various MUGEN websites, including this one, but creating an account in these was judged unecessary for the most part. Sadly, I can't create a penny for the engine. Coding and spriting aren't my forte. Sorry !


I love playing random video-games and finishing them. I especially like the Assassin's Creed and the Saint Row series.


Hope I will enjoy my stay here ! :joyful:


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