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First collection, not confident in my formatting, but I'll do my best!


Links marked with red text are offline, and links marked with yellow text are a work in progress.

At the time of writing, there are currently no known Aqours characters available, however, I've decided to include all nine Aqours characters in the collection in case anything arises in the future (and Aqours is just as important as µ's!).



"Aqours, sunshine!!"


Takami Chika: Currently none.

Sakurauchi Riko: Currently none.

Matsuura Kanan: Currently none.

Kurosawa Dia: Currently none.

Watanabe You: Currently none.

Tsushima Yoshiko/Fallen Angel Yohane: Currently none.

Kunikida Hanamaru: Currently none.

Ohara Mari: Currently none.

Kurosawa Ruby: Currently none.


"µ's, Music Start!"


Kousaka Honoka: Currently none.

Ayase Eli: Sakuraka*

Minami Kotori: Currently none.

Sonoda Umi: Furai and qychina

Hoshizora Rin: Currently none.

Nishikino Maki: Furai and GPEZ

Toujou Nozomi: Sakuraka*, TheBuddyAdrian

Koizumi Hanayo: Currently none.

Yazawa Nico: "Elecbyte" (KFM edit)


Files marked with * share the same download link.


Snow Halation / Uranohoshi Girl's High School

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No prob! Let us just hope that more Love Live! characters hit MUGEN in the near future. (I personally have my fingers crossed for You.)

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