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Colonel Sanders Edit Collection

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Colonel Sanders Edit Collection


Colonel Sanders is the rival of Ronald McDonald and has been in almost every MUGEN roster I have seem. Like the clown, the colonel has became a popular character to edit. So here are his edits! (If you have a edit you have in your collection you would like to have on this collection just leave a comment below) (If any links are dead, please find a working link or re-upload to your Mega or something.

                                                                      theoriginalhimself.gif                  thedark.gif                  latest?cb=20140307195045           latest?cb=20170122085401               latest?cb=20170319065037

                                                       Original || Dark Sanders || Fantastic Colonel || Killer Colonel || Will Of Universe Colonel (Original)


                                                                   theoriginalhimself.gif              Aurum_Colonel_GIF          thedark.gif                   Nonomura_Sanders_GIF                 SnowColonelIsTheBest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                       Unknown Colonel (2nd) || Aurum Colonel || Dark Light Colonel || Nonomura Sanders and Neo Dark Light Colonel


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