My Marvel VS Capcom Infinite roster I hope for

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My Marvel VS Capcom Infinite roster I hope for


-Captain Marvel

-Iron Man

-Captain America


-Thor(male or female, dont care really)


-Black Panther


-Rocket Raccoon w/ groot

-Iron Fist

-Black Widow

-Scarlett Witch (instead of Dr Strange, we had em in 3 and i say they would have similar moves and lets go with a female this time)

-The Punisher

-Ghost Rider


-Carnage(replace shuma, would move like shuma but 1 million times better, more interesting, projectiles like symbiote shards, able to swing, normals would be very awesome animations like giant blades/axes)

-Green Goblin(replacing Modok and his game style and control.  would just have different moves and green goblin would probably be faster than modok)



-Thanos with infinity gems(final boss, unplayable)






-Silver Surfer

-Dr Doom







-Cammy(replacing chun-li for this one)



-Lord Raptor


-Megaman X



-Edward Falcon


-Samanusuke (onimusha 3 design, but honestly I dont care i just want him in the game. If they absolutely cannot because of actor, Soki will have to do.)



-Strider Hiryu


-Leon Kennedy (RE2)








-Captain Commando




What do ya'll think??!!!  man i hope its just like this!! this is my dream roster



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