Project Power Quest

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Project Power Quest


So What is this?

This is my reimagining of a Game Boy / Color game that I randomly stumbled across.

I found the sprites and gameplay so amazing I just had to recreate it in mugen.


Whats The Finished Product Gonna Be?

1x Full Game

6x Characters

16x Stages (8 Colored, 8 Monochrome)

1x Intro

1x Storyboard


How long have you worked on this?

I originally made MAX first, but then I decided to rip all the other sprites since no one had ripped them. So I then made Speed, and Axe. Lon was made by a Ultra Fatality, I will eventually make Gong, and He will make Borot. I'd say overall 1 week since I started the screenpack work.


I've giving this my all, Doing alot of things i've never done before.

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This looks really cool.  The play control looks solid. The steady movement and metered hit pauses give it a nice controlled / paced feel.
The standing anims in the select screen is a nice touch too.

The only constructive critique I can offer from the vid is that the high res and low res seem to clash a little at some points.  That's about all.
Looks great over all, imo.

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