Mʀ. Sтᴇαl-Yoᴜя-Wαεfυ

Stan Lee by malevka1 (February 5, 2017)

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Stan Lee by malevka1 (February 5, 2017)





Mjolnir Launch Light
D, F, a

Mjolnir Launch Medium
D, F, b

Mjolnir Launch Hard
D, F, c

D, DB, B, x
D, DB, B, y
D, DB, B, z

D, D, x
D, D,~x
D, D, y
D, D,~y
~D, D, z
~D, D,~z

F, D, DF, x

F, D, DF, y

F, D, DF, z


Web ball!
D, DF, F, x
D, DF, F, y
D, DF, F, z

Web Swing!
D, DB, B, a
D, DB, B, b
D, DB, B, c




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...More like Spider-Lee...


This seems like a surefire good premise, but it looks like he's lacking a bit. I'm going to stay a true believer for some updates though,

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