KOFXIII Arranged

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KOFXIII Arranged











more preview;





about sp;
a slighlty updated version of the previous one
it's a simple screen pack,there's no moving bg stuff
it comes with standard and custom port
available res = 640x480 and 1280x720


please take consideration with the winquote, it wont fit the screen if it's too long,i also don't make use of the window feature for it



unlike before,this time the lifebar using shaking combo type
while the rest is the same


actually, i was only going to fix the lifebar,since the combo counter decided not to appear  if i set the renderer mode to opengl and i have no idea what went wrong

----------------------------------------to install----------------------------------------------------------
motif = data/640/system.def;-->standard port
motif = data/640/system320.def;-->custom port[for lowres char such as melty blood]
motif = data/640/system640.def;-->custom port[for lowres char with hires sprites such as kofxiii]

tips;-if you use char with 640,480 localcoord on system640 resize the port by 200%[sp+lifebar]
     -if you use lowres char on system640,use the 640 template port or resize the already made lowres port by 200%[only for sp]
motif = data/1280/system.def;-->standard port
motif = data/1280/systemc.def;-->custom port[for hd char]
motif = data/1280/system320.def;-->custom port[for lowres char]
motif = data/1280/system420.def;-->custom port[for char with 420 localcoord]
motif = data/1280/system420n.def;-->standard port[for char with 420 localcoord]

tips;-if you're using hd char on system320 resize the port by 400%[sp+lifebar]
     -if you're using char with 640,480 localcoord on system320 resize the port by 200%[sp+lifebar]


template provided along with a few sample

feel free to improvise for the sp custom port,maybe make your own template to fits your needs

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hd updated
change some sprites with 32 bit image[sp+lifebar]
new template[more space for port making]


no update for 640x480


960x720 added


there's no changes with the fonts+snd,so those files not included
2nd link


same link for preview



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