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So even though I said I wouldn't, Photoshop's...antics...have given me the excuse to rework some of my older covers that I wasn't that happy about to begin with and which I like even less now.  In some cases, that meant removing text and word balloons, and in others, it meant changing the villain altogether.  Just for comparison's sake, if you're curious, I'm reposting the old covers, followed by the new covers, so you guys can see what changes I made (hopefully for the better).


And yes, I will be going back and fixing the now-broken links.


UZ97Fx9.png   DE7Hyoe.png


HbaA8e9.png   OXZ1g0H.png


AYsupZb.png   IekkZAy.png


Tka2VVL.png   WcA7ZCV.png

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