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     If you're new to the site, please take a look at the Guidelines section for help getting started.  There, you can learn how to set up your profile and get familiar with our rules and regulations.  If you have questions about the forum, you can always visit the Support Center for peer to peer  Q & A style help.  You can also view our Social Network on the top navigation bar if you'd like to find us on Discord, Evolve, Google+, or Youtube.

     If you're new to Mugen, you might want to check out the
Travel Station.  It will link you to all the major sites around the Mugen community.  There's a brief description of what you'll find at each, and a board where you can post a link to your own site as well.

     In the meantime please make yourself at home and enjoy all the free content floating around!   If you're interested in that Ikemen Dojo, it's on the main page.  Once you get there, talk to the Monks, and they'll explain how everything works.  And if you ever have any ideas for things we could do to make the site better, please drop by Staff HQ and let us know!  Cheers

~ MFFA Staff



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