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Yellow: Of low quality or unfinished

Orange: Total craps

Red: Offline


Character Select - Disgaea Series

Gh99D4r.png1t8UI5k.pngL8ucBww.png8NNVWAk.png  UNve8tq.pngI1AEEaD.png  IYvJypd.png  euOAjEG.png  OAKfXQ8.png  VEoDxu0.png Su8BsGb.png 35LEadi.png

Laharl: 1st: Moglie / 2nd: The Doodly Overlord || Female Laharl: Kagetsu Yuki || Etna: 1st: Renetona / 2nd: Stupa: Old - New || Flonne: Stupa [AI Only] - Shooting Star's edit [Playable] || Rozalin: Takosuke


Asagi Asagiri: Stupa: Old - Unknown Author's update || Prinny: Stupa: 1st / 2nd  || Prinny Asagi: Stupa || Prinny Laharl: Taiki08


gb95Doh.png   h54TxHw.png pbgFKvA.pngMwS4oAh.png FVyR3k8.png 212msqP.pngvK6vc2b.png   aX5z4pk.png

Mage: Incurable / Matyelmalo / Renetona || Magic Knight: Kagetsu Yuki || Archer: 1st: YOPPLE&otto / 2nd: YOPPLE || Kunoichi: Stupa || Ninja: Matyelmalo


Male Warrior: Matyelmalo || Spirit: Matyelmalo



Succubus: Jarvis The Catsaber / Kagetsu Yuki ||  Nekomata: Incurable


zsYHBEH.png   kh7uIlr.pngr6XUpQe.pngoKqdcPB.png

Tomoe Asagi: Koh || Tank Asagi: Koh || Yukkuri Archer: Otto || Hekate: rion.zero


Character Select - Makai Kingdom

dEmqFzx.png   9Vd5Hws.png

Pram: Incurable || Death: Matyelmalo


Character Select - Phantom Brave

0rcjyBW.png   imLUFTk.png

Ash: Ryon || Marona: Stupa


Character Select - La Pucelle: Tactics


Priere: 1st: Chaos / 2nd: IF / Re5t / Borewood



Demon Priere and Overlord Zetta

Midboss / Vyers by Akimoto


Stage Select

[Disgaea] Laharl's Throne Room by Laharl || [Disgaea 2] Laharl's Castle by Shinzombie || [Disgaea 2] Devil's Island by Shinzombie || [Disgaea 2] Town Fields by Alex || [Disgaea 2] Zenon's Palace by Alex


 [Disgaea 2] Zenon's Palace by O Ilusionista || [Disgaea 2] Overlord's Castle by O Ilusionista || [Prinny] Prinny Tents by Saiyajin Mui ||  [Phantom Brave] Overlord's Caslte by Laharl 


[Makai Kingdom] Zetta's Castle by Shinzombie || [La Pucelle] Holy Maiden by Shinzombie || [La Pucelle] Church by Shinzombie  || [La Pucelle] Under Attack by Shinzombie


Add-Ons Select

Disgaea MUGEN Edition screenpack by Zinesis [1.0 / 640x480]

English voice packs by Laharl: Etna by Stupa || Asagi by Stupa || Prinny by Stupa

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19 minutes ago, gui0007 said:

Wow, i expected a lot for a Nippon Ichi collection. Thanks! :D

No problemo.


17 minutes ago, SSBK65 said:

So what happened to the old one, was it deleted? 

Admins killed the MFFA gallery due to a harmful bot, therefore the original images were dead. it was also really outdated


So yeah, deleted

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13 hours ago, Helikio said:

I have a question about "Priere: 1st: Chaos"


When UnRar, there have an unknown folder that contained "?.air" file.

Is there way to fix folder name and file name ?

You dont need to. It's not a necessary folder an it wont affect how the character works if you leave it as it is.

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Added stuff found in MA.


- Playable Flonne by Shooting Star

- Mage, Male Warrior, Ninja, Spirit and Death by Matyelmalo

- Hekate (Succubus Edit) by Rion Zero


Not the best stuff i know, for collection purpose regardless.

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missing Midboss (vyres) I am having serious issues finding a working link for him though and I for some reason don't have him on my external.

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