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PLAYER SELECT - Spectral Series


Vmdsh2z.png     nXUPysZ.png     VDulBKl.png     Yq5oX3Z.png

From Spectral vs Generation: Hiro: IF: Normal - Ex || Masho Hiro: IF || Roze: IF || Mayura: IF


sTd1L2N.png    YM0PboI.png

From Spectral Souls (Re-sprited): Akira Rikudou: Z.A.I. || From Cross Edge: Meu: Z.A.I.


PLAYER SELECT - Generation Series


From Spectral vs Generation: Erile: Brown || Ryuken: Brown || Holy God Earth: Brown || Krayce: Brown



Spectral vs Generation stages by Cenobite53 || Spectral vs Generation: Earth's Temple by Shwa



Spectral vs Generation lifebars by Phantom Blood [1.0 / 1280x720]

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