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Medarot / Medabots

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Click the author names below the images to download! Red text means a character is offline.


Note: password for getuploader links is mugen



Metabee:1st: Muro: Normal - AI patched / 2nd: Ron || BrassMuro: Normal - AI patched || Rokusho: Muro: Normal - AI patched / SUI || PeppercatMuro: Normal - AI patched 


ArcbeetleGoemon || BeastmasterGoemon || Zero SuicideMif || God Emperor: 1st: Zen / 2nd: Zen || KrosserdogEzequiel Torrejon



メダロット弐CORE Stages by Muro



メダロット弐CORE Screenpack by Muro

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Medabots Stage (11 Stages Pack):


Metabee (With an AI patch by Goemon):


Brass (With an AI patch by Goemon):


Rokusho (With an AI patch by Goemon):


Pepper Cat (With an AI patch by Goemon):

Password: mugen


But, Screenpack is not found.

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