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Cardcaptor Sakura

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Click the author names below the images to download! Red text means a character is offline.



Sakura Kinomoto: 1st: David Demianoff / Seravy: 2008 - New / Nipa3008 / ESFAndy [MKvsSF] / Hatya / 2nd: Noah / 3rd: Unknown Author || The ThunderSeravy || The WaterySeravy || Syaoran LiUJI / Seravy


Keroberos: Cesarsombra || Eriol HiiragizawaSeravy || YueSeravy || VoidSeravy



Card Hunter Sakura Fighter Stages by Mantovão



Custom Palettes for Noah's Sakura Kinomoto by kater15

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3 hours ago, uchiha ragna said:

cant find them about some direct links?


...what's so hard?


1LtVpXw.png >>> Noah's site

LPa6rmy.png  >>> Uji's site

1viL8Vx.png  >>> Ironmugen's site

xt96YFC.png  >>> Seravy's site

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One of my absolute favorite anime series and one of my absolute favorite TV shows in general of all time

I currently own the whole series except for the last third of the original series and the entire Clear Card arc on DVD.

So, this is a good collection.

But it's missing kater15's custom palettes for Noah's version of Sakura Kinomoto though:

Note: These palettes were uploaded to a blacklisted site (the MUGEN Archive) so I had to reupload them to Google Drive myself.

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I always add alternate links from all my palette packages to my DeviantART profile, so there was no need for you to have added an alternate link.


Could you replace the link, please? 

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