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Cardcaptor Sakura

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Click the author names below the images to download! Red text means a character is offline.



Sakura Kinomoto: 1st: David Demianoff / Seravy: 2008 - New / Nipa3008 / ESFAndy [MKvsSF] / Hatya / 2nd: Noah / 3rd: Unknown Author || Sakura Kinomoto (The Thunder)Seravy || Sakura Kinomoto (The Watery)Seravy || Syaoran LiUJI / Seravy


Keroberos: Cesarsombra || Eriol HiiragizawaSeravy || YueSeravy || VoidSeravy



Card Hunter Sakura Fighter Stages by Mantovão

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3 hours ago, uchiha ragna said:

cant find them about some direct links?


...what's so hard?


1LtVpXw.png >>> Noah's site

LPa6rmy.png  >>> Uji's site

1viL8Vx.png  >>> Ironmugen's site

xt96YFC.png  >>> Seravy's site

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