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This collection includes all characters, stages, and edits originated from this game. Unfortunately, there's only a few versions for the characters, so this is a beta collection.  

Anyway, this is my first collection ever. Really Hope you guys enjoy it. If there's any characters that i'm missing, put in the reply section and i'll add them right away! :D

Also, the common details of characters are below this description. Read it, and learn comrades. :) But still, its all about putting characters in one collection for fun.


RED indicates a dead/missing link.

YELLOW indicates a WIP character.

GREEN indicates a joke character.

BLUE indicates a cheap character.

PURPLE indicates a NSFW character.





DuckSS's Version/Duck SS's Version (FP2)




Veanko's Version




Diamondswag12 Production's Version



Dragon Valley by OliverTEENAGER13 || Dragon Valley by Neo_Fire_Sonic



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1 hour ago, Big Green said:

Nice job for a first collection.


However, you should maybe refrain from using Mugen Archive for that stage.

Well where else would anyone find the stage? OliverTeenager13 only posted on mugenarchive, so i can't do anything about that :/

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Hello i'm new here.
Actually it's my first time i try to make a character. So the first character i do try to make is Milla (since there's no way to download her and nobody was made her) so 
i do give it a shot (I know perfectly Freedom Planet i do already beat the game himself with all achivements).

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Well atm, nobody is determined to make Milla. I'm willing to make one but I'm currently waiting for the FP2 sprites to come out along with her. (Which I possibly won't recommend the FP1 sprites looking at how there are no combat sprites) 

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