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MUGENGERS 2 Screenpack (First Version) Released

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Long time no see.
After about a year later from when I quit MUGEN, I found that
some first version of this screenpack's files were safe.
So at least, I decided to release this screenpack.
It is a bit different from what you saw in my videos.
(Like counting round number or versus screen)
But I think this is enough luck. Please Enjoy :)
This is for MUGEN 1.0 and 640x480 screen.
And also I added K'-Lv3 by LASH which I edited some portraits for this screenpack.
This also included portrait sample files like pcx or psd, png.
You may need Photoshop to edit.
* This screenpack doesn't include
- Victory Screen (Only loading logo)
- Ending Credit
- Fightfx Files (Basic Fightfx)
Screenpack Link
Lifebar Only Link

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