Eevee W.I.P.

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You are off to a good start. Where is this wip heading though? Is it gonna evolve or is it only gonna stay evee and if so what is it gonna do then? Hyper beam? double kick? pound?

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10 hours ago, YochiIsC00lest333 said:

Eevee can't learn these moves. However, any Eeveelution can learn Hyper Beam by using TM.

Oh i only mentioned those moves because those are normal attacks. At the time I assumed Evee would be type normal if he wasn't going to evolve; those were my guesses for attacks in type normal.


Though keep in mind mugen is vastly different from pokemon so you can pretty much do what you like. In my opinion it would be all right to give Evee moves it doesn't learn in pokemon. For instance Pikachu in smash bros has attacks not in the pokemon handhelds but mugen creators still use them in their Pikachus. Pokemon only can use 4 attacks only in the pokemon games but creators often add much more, not including various kicks and punches if they choose to make a six-button fighter. Also you may not even realize this but some moves have been altered over the years in the pokemon sequel games where moves that some pokemon could learn and do in the previous games are no longer able to do in the present games and vice versa. It didn't just change that either, status effects and a whole bunch of other stuff to. The games are hardly consistent and if you base pokemon on the anime they are gonna be really inconsistent LOL. It's very interesting, you should read up on it.


Though my overall point is don't sweat it and just make it however you like it. Cry babies like Garchomp (the "pokeman") are gonna give you hell either way :lol1:



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