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Collection remade. Click in the author name to download.


PLAYER SELECT - Inuyasha: Sengoku Otogi Kassen / A Feudal Fairy Tale


20121204130038-23873036.gif    20121204130811-99f64858.gif    20121204130045-636bda4c.gif       20121204130046-838f1dbe.gif      20121204130041-8684fd3c.gif

Inuyasha: Meta Gouki - Duralminn's Edit / Noctis / Sandaime Hokage / Parawhore-Otaku: Normal - Human - SSJ / VinceJ: Site Link - Mirror Link / CVS Artist (CVS)


Kagome: VinceJ: Site Link - Mirror Link / CVS Artist (CVS) || Miroku: Alexei Roschak || Sango: Alexei Roschak / Lord Sinistro & Shadowtak: Site Link / Mirror Link


Kikyo: Ricepigeon - Snowwolf's Edit


20121204131453-5a48397f.gif        20121204130040-5c412a92.gif        20121204130046-13aa2324.gif      20121204132131-c17c7e4e.gif      20121204130043-f72aa28a.gif

Sesshomaru: Akimoto / Oz & <Sesshomaru> & Darkteam / Max_Bloodstone || Kagura: Ricepigeon


 Youkai Inuyasha: Yami Mario || Naraku: Superdragon || Koga: Metal_Sniper_64


gUaDLe6.gif          XsHmhog.gif 

Not mugenized yet: Shippo and Totosai


PLAYER SELECT - Inuyasha: Secret of The Divine Jewel



Inuyasha: Diogo


PLAYER SELECT - Custom / Edited Sprites

20121204130037-060bce35.gif      20121204130038-4987c30b.gif

Cyber Naraku: Ricepigeon Jaken: Ichiron47



Mushin's Temple & Bone Eater Well by Alexei Roschak



Lifebars: VinceJ (Winmugen / 320x240) || Portrait Pack: Omega Black 1990 



Sprites Rips: from AFFT (Spriters Resource) / from SoTDJ (Sprite Database)

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42 minutes ago, XG417 said:

Why are there duplicates of the same topic?

The site is still bugged and i cant remove the duplicate atm

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