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[COLLECTIONS] - One Piece Series

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Note: Some Characters Only Works On Mugen 1.1

If Any Characters, Stages, Screenpack, Full Game ... Please Comment, I Will Give To The List, Thanks :)


1. Charaters


- Straw Hat Pirates  

pLbPrG.png iHYFbl.png zDA01p.png jmalQz.png cTkBv7.png 0qyg3p.png ElbJN2.png OPpIB6.png DpPvmC.png

Luffy: Wenchu / Mikel8888

Zoro: Wenchu / Mikel8888

Sanji: Wenchu / Mikel8888

Nami: Wenchu

Usopp: Wenchu

Chopper: Wenchu

Robin: Wenchu

Franky: Wenchu

Brook: Wenchu


- Straw Hat Pirates Timeskip

nQqmBZ.png 211fdU.png JClhUu.png eveOhG.png hAQYwE.png 57dCib.png Vtj8F4.png aWjNNB.png B27YCX.png

Luffy TS: Edd13 / Mikel8888Wolf Stak / David11

Zoro TS: Edd13Daniel's / David11

Sanji TS: Edd13

Nami TS: HKchunko

Usopp TS: Edd13

Chopper TS: Edd13

Robin TS: MarShalz

Franky TS: Edd13 / David11

Brook TS: Midnight


- Marines

HJfG8R.png tTKzUv.png IEv01x.png cAGtLF.png t6HbnL.png lLI4RG.png Qrsu1Y.png dKBsiA.png

Akainu: NBA01

Aokiji: NBA01

Kizaru: NBA01

Fujitora: Hermoduro

Garp: Wenchu

Smoker: Intoxicados / Mikel8888

Magellan: Wenchu

Marine Rumble: Wenchu


- Shichibukai

tTvT5Z.png atbJyW.png YmJ7wh.png LKc2tZ.png qT3wVl.png RbViDm.png dvzVUU.png 7I4GVX.png

Mihawk: Wenchu / David11

Boa Hancock: Wenchu / David11

Gecko Moria: Wenchu

Kuma: Intoxicados / David11

Jinbe: Wenchu

Doflamingo: Wenchu

Crocodile: Wenchu

Trafalgar Law TS: Hermoduro


- Supernova

nar0Km.png ODml1S.png 31boML.png nL8v4R.png MoiZvX.png lPLNnH.png PgyDrP.png

Eustass Kid: Wenchu

Trafalgar Law: Wenchu

Hawkins: Hermoduro

XDrake: Wenchu

Apoo: Hermoduro

Urouge: IBazZ100

Capone Bege: Rayavenger


- Yonko

OSCr6M.png szvmnL.png nYzIrG.png ZgJtac.png


- Whitebeard Pirates

b0b45y.png 8jIn1G.png sT1RnG.png


- Roger Pirates

fbpHq5.png e3MEdm.png


- East Blue

0FBPLY.png 34CfIh.png Xb9nyo.png


- Baroque Works

QEzpQG.png JPJ54a.png NR00FP.png


- Skypiea

ddE4xu.png Uxghj3.png


- CP9

8zDBGV.png aXTyid.png szCwih.png 1gRDA0.png vrXPfG.png SNTtKv.png


- Thriller Bark



- Okama



- New Fishman Pirates

soBhum.png L0Q8tn.png dyQiZZ.png


- Punk Hazard

hRr2EL.png cTNgcX.png O9Glw8.png


- Dressrosa

urveuG.png kQxpAA.png


2. Stages

- Stages One Piece by Wenchu: TeamOnePieceOS

- Stages One Piece by Mikel8888: ProyectoMugenFairytail

- Stages One Piece by Monkey D. Yomi: ProyectoMugenFairytail

- Corrida Colosseum (1.1) by Daniel's: Youtube

- Sabaody Archipelago (1.1) by Daniel's: Youtube


3. Full Game

- One Piece Colosseum MUGEN 2011: Youtube

- One Piece The New Era: Youtube

- OnePiece x Naruto Special MUGEN v2: Youtube

- One Piece Final Clash MUGEN: Lonick7Mugen

- One Piece Pirate Battle MUGEN 2015: Youtube

- One Piece M.U.G.E.N Release by Roken: MugenFreeForAll

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Nice. You did a good job here. It would be preferable if we saw what the characters actually looked like in terms of sprites, but you may have cropped the portraits, which I guess is good enough.

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