MFFAWN #1 (09/19 - 09/25, 2016) - It has begun!

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1 hour ago, Staubhold said:

Please add a MUGEN 1.1 or 1.0 info...

Thanks for the suggestion bruh, added. :)

32 minutes ago, Speedster said:

Great! It reminds me the old times of PDM.:Irock:


Yep, exactly. Thanks! :D


2 hours ago, Ryon said:

This is great! I love the layout and organization!

I can't wait for next weeks FAWN!

2 hours ago, RobotMonkeyHæd said:

Yes!  Excellent job fellas, looks fantastic!

56 minutes ago, Anastasia said:

This layout of this week's news is amazing. I knew @gui0007 could do it. :)

Thanks, glad that you enjoy! :D :D

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On 26/09/2016 at 1:32 AM, Infinite Kyo said:

it looks great bruh! 

also i didn't know Charizard got updated nice to know 



19 hours ago, Galvatron said:

Ah! this is Fantastic Yall. Good Job! :goodjob:


17 minutes ago, RoySquadRocks said:

Nicely done there, Gui!

Thanks fellas! :D

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6 hours ago, BrawlTheMan said:

Maybe you could add some insight to the downloads, like how they play or what you think of them?

Hey BTM, you and anyone can do this in the Content Submissions board, if you want more details, read the News Rules. ;)

6 hours ago, SSBK65 said:

You could also note if a character has AI.

Good idea bruh, i see what can i do. :)

1 hour ago, Mr. KOtik said:

Best of luck with the news reporting.Its important to pace yourself and avoid burning yourself out.

Thanks! :D

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5 hours ago, RobotMonkeyHæd said:

For posterity, the first issue got about 450 views over it's first week.


What can I say? It's a hit. Keep up the good work and release another issue

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