Street Fighter III Series (WIP)

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After some long time, I'm back with my collections for MFFA. This time remaking the Street Fighter III collection to have something more up-to-date.

Red is offline, Blue is custom, Green is different gameplay and Yellow is WIP. As always, if you find some stuff I don't or you have links for offline chars, you're free to post it here. Let's go!!

Phase 2: Added all Other Stuff (stages, screenpacks, etc) and Resources (Sprites & Sounds), next are Special Edited Section


SFIII: New Generation


Alex: GM / Felicity / Yo- / Ex-Inferis / Fido / GigaHertz / Most_Mysterious (joke char) / Ethan Lives (Power Gear)608 (Belial)

Dudley: Gargoyle / Tin / JamielAshley / Buckus (CvS)Kamekaze / Fido / GigaHertz

Elena: PhirmostUmihei / Fido / Kaz / GigaHertz

Gill: GM / Villain / SlayerGatsuKong (MvC)FidoFrozTokage (Adam)

Ibuki: GM / Jetsetgo & Reza / FarengeitKong (MvC)Midnight Spirit (MvC3) / Jedah12 (MvC) / Mazemerald (SFIV)Fido / GigaHertz

Ken Masters: GM / Cloudius / Rei / ESFAndy011 (MKvSF) / Shirokuro-NekoEx-Inferis (Master Ken) / aZCal (Ken lvl2) / Kaz / Duracelleur / Felicity / ShoShingo (Shin Scrub Ken)

Necro: Umihei / Cloudius / Rajaa / SaitoMrPiffy (CvS) / Vs Style Debuts Team (MvC)Fido / Duracelleur / GigaHertz

Oro: Umihei / TheIgniter /  Kong (MvC)Fido / GigaHertz

Ryu: Umihei / GM / ATICE (MvC) / DG (MvC) - Edits by / Rei (SFIV) / Kaz / Vyn (Evil Ryu) / Duracelleur / Felicity / aZCal (Ryu lvl2)

Sean Matsuda: Muteki / Rei / Misterr07 (MvC)Buckus (CvS) / DG (MvC) / MrPiffy (CvS) / LaQuak (Master Sean)Ethan Lives / Kaz / Alexlexus (Dark Sean)

Yang Lee: intense_mc / Adamskie / NGIBuckus (CvS) / KamekazeFido

Yun Lee: Umihei / TheNecromancer / Buckus (CvS) / Fido / Duracelleur


SFIII: Double Impact & Third Strike


Akuma/Gouki: Umihei / CrazyForSF / GM / fAytIzumo (SFIV) / aZCal (MKvSF) / Jedb

Chun-li: Muteki / J.Lee / ESFAndy011 (MKvSF) / Alexlexus (MKvSF) / MGMURROW

Hugo: GM / Adamskie & Tin / Teddylam / Fido / Ethan Lives (Andore Jr.)

Makoto: Ruben / One Winged Angel / NHKFido / Demon's Eye / Yamori X / GigaHertz / KojiroBADNESS

Q: Umihei / Adamskie / Wild AliRajaa / Vs Style Debuts Team (MvC)Fido

Remy: Umihei / Homura / One Winged Angel / MrPiffy (CvS) / Vs Style Debuts Team (MvC)Fido

Shin Akuma/Gouki: Kung Fu Man / MGMURROW / Duracelleur

Twelve: Rei / Kung Fu Man / Fido

Urien: Umihei / One Winged AngelRajaa / Rei (CvS) / Vs Style Debuts Team (MvC)FidoFrozEthan Lives (G Project)608 (Urien-Type-B)


Special Edited Versions



Other MUGEN Stuff

Stages: Zion (NG) / Dark-Shade / Dany-The-Dog (3S) / Caddie / Dark Saviour / IbukahPhirmost (2I & 3S Elena) / Kung Fu Man / TestP (2I Akuma) / NeoAtlas (3S Ken) / Rei (3S) / Ruben / Yzan

Lifebars: Zion (2I) / Dark-Shade (NG) / Matmut (3S)

Screenpacks: Dany-The-Dog (3S) - 1.0 edit by Gui003 / Dr4ch1R (3S)1.0 edit by Gui003 / AJ & Kyo-San Kanzaki (3S) / URA(Re:) (Bad ADD-ON 03)

Portraits: Saikoro (3S) / Omega Black1990 (3S)

Patches: Umihei (Muteki's Chun-li fix) / Jesuszilla (GM's Alex SND)

Intros & Endings: Rugal2 (NG & 2I) / Dany-The-Dog (3S) - Capcom Logo



Sprites: ZweiFuss / Kong / Grim (3S Twelve) / Badassbill (2I Stages)

Sounds: ZweiFuss / Nick09 / Vans (3S Urien)

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OK, added some few creators I missed as well some online links for offline chars, I hope during today or this weekend start with Special Edited Versions, included the other game sprites (CvS, SFA) as well edited chars


PS: Admins, don't delete the original thread yet, there're some things I've to add to here, I'll tell you when to delete it, thanks :P

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Phew, what a lot of info now :lifeofstudy: OK, added Other MUGEN Stuff (stages, screenpacks, etc) and Resources (Sprites & Sounds), now it looks more complete :meme1: the next are Special Edits Versions... yes I promise that will be the next, I swear XD

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