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On 5/28/2018 at 6:08 PM, CoffeeFlavoredMilk said:

Not relevant to the thread, sorry.

It's Fine.

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Hey There! can you add my characters?

Chowder and Kimchi:


Dexter beta:



Also add Mung Daal's Catering Company(stages of chowder) by beanfan112:


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I was looking for this for a while until I realized I had it on an older PC, but anyways:




An [adult swim] stage by dishamonpow. It features some rotating text and is in the style of the white text on black background bumpers [as] uses. With the subjects it discusses (like the debating of if Homer Simpson is "the next big thing in mugen"), it definitely shows its age.


Full transcription of the text in the stage:



"There is no such thing as too many ryus.


[adult swim]"


"Is Homer Simpson the next big thing in mugen?


We are still hook on kfm


[adult swim]"


"whats so good about a fighter with evil in the name?


now if they had sexy in the name we be getting somewhere


sexy ryu

sexy ken

sexy peter Griffin


[adult swim]"



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