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LOVE IT!!! Here are some more you should add:


Wild Woody by RoySquadRocks


isbV63Q.gif uabg1Gi.gif

Tempo by RoySquadRocks


Ml5Lu3x.gif hKTtvje.gif

Dynamite Headdy by Sonicadam2 - RoySquadRocks 



Alex Kidd by OrochiWeapon2000



Pulseman by by SpaceMouse



Wonder Boy Shion by SpaceMouse



Asha by RoySquadRocks



Ristar by RoySquadRocks 


Also, you forgot to add this that has a collection: Golden Axe

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Arle by M3 (English Voicepack) || Amitie by M3 (English Voicepack) || Witch by Southern Cross || Feli by Etoile



Sakura Shingouji by Haruwo



Beat by Hyde233



NiGHTS by Nintendo Sega


Here's the replacement link for Sonicadam2's Headdy for those who don't like MUGEN Archive:


Mobo and Robo's Idle Animation have been updated: Jkr4OR9.gif PqS9Nhd.gif


And add these that has a collection:
Guardian Heroes
Eternal Champions

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11 hours ago, Darklight said:

I will add these, but make sure you find alternative links to these characters.

This is to prevent users from having to use Mugen Archive.

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About Puyo Puyo, i am making sprites of Amitie. She may contain fanservice due to my anime taste, but if you wish, please make her a Brutal Character, and if you do, please tell me about it and i will send you the Sprite pack, and the required attack patterns. I promise you she will be easy to play as and her supers and hypers aren't complicated to learn.


Here are the first 2 animation sequence in the new Amitie.

puyo_puyo_fever___amitie__standing_anima amitie__walking_animation__by_wilsonasma

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Here's an updated, albeit highly unfinished version of Beat that I released months ago:


I eventually decided to work on a second version of Beat. I wanted to completely overhaul everything, although I never got too far. Eventually, I just canceled the project. A lot of the sprites are discolored and combos are sparse, although there is a paintcan collecting system programmed in, so there's that.

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