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This collection includes all characters created by Ironcommando.




Dancing Banana



transparent_zpsw47cdrhs.png?146756994215  invader_zpstecbkw72.png?1467569942153&14   MUGEN_BEATDOWN_zpsq2klv5wc.png?146756994   humanity_zpsqh6tketq.png?1467569942153&1

Mecharoid Soldier ll Space Invader ll MUGEN Title Screen (Punching Bag) ll Humanity (Punching Bag)



babalu_79319_thumb_zpsncp8fgu5.png?14675  Super_C_Final_Boss_zpsydynansk.jpg?14675  mm_hornetman2.gif

Babalu Destructoid Mechanism ll Shadow Beast Kimkoh ll Hornet Man



hell_house_9zZ_thumb_zpsisdnhq1r.png?146   Mosquitoes_zpstykiurlj.png?1467569942153  MechaScorpio_29598_thumb_zpsfemmdhlv.png

Hell House ll Mosquitoes ll Mecha Scorpio


Standing_20k_zpsuh0fe8z5.gif?14675699421   images_zpsp2awhcgb.png?1467569898644&146  A-Bomb_zpsy7yatgqq.png?1467569898644&146

20000 ll Christmas Tree ll A-Bomb

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