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its epic so far man i found some for ya


Super Clone Iori by Zelgadis


Yagami by Jin

 Clone Blood Yagami by Hell


Element Iori (i dont know why but element kyo is in the file as well)


Iori YagamiCT by CrisTian Adrian Yagami


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@White Ranger Here's some edits :)


Park Shio:

Nightmare Iori by Kirishima16:

Iori Yasakani:

Dark Clone Iori:

Orochi Iori by Calcio911

Iori by Clayton:

Curse Seal Iori:

Iori May Cry:

Iori Yagami by Angel Varela:

Ex Orochi Iori by Jerzy. Edited by Shin D Yagami

God Gold Pheonix:

Clone S.S by sba:

Christmas Iori:

Orochi M:

Mech Iori:

Ascended Remix Demon Ghost Iori:

Iori 911:



UM F-Iori:



Clone Iori Final:



Iori Richtofen:



Iori 1-911:




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