Mugen Legacy 2016

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I've completed my compilation of the new Mugen Legacy, in this version I've added more characters and deleted a few ones.


I don't get the credits for making this game, since I've just picked the Legacy Mugen 2015 and added more characters, so the credits goes to the creator of Legacy Mugen 2015.


The characters may be a little bit messed up in the roster, but nothing that can be a problem. The "char" folder inside the game folder may be a little messed up aswell, but it won't be a problem for playing.


If anyone else wants to help to organize the characters in the roster or even organize the folders you are welcome. I didn't organize it myself because I've spent some time doing this compilation and just wanted to release it ASAP.


So, I hope you all enjoy this new version of Legacy Mugen!!!



  • 735 Characters
  • 268 Stages
  • 128 BGM







Ps: Sorry for any english mistake.

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I'm organizing the characters and fixing characters that have a "copy" of themselves, also fixing the .cns of some chars that have too much life, or things like this.


Maybe tomorrow I'll post the updated version.

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On 27/06/2016 at 11:15 AM, gabrielmr said:

Still fixing some things, the updated version will be available ASAP.

i will wait the new links :)  when you release if possible share in full games section or in my group of mugen too ok

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